assembly of Elohim




Ministry of Agriculture



Ministry of Commerce

Jason Westley Hall

Ministry of Culture and Art

Jackie Goudy Johnson



Ministry of Defense

Christopher Michael Doherty



Ministry of Education

Frederick Sikes


Ministry of Finance

Alex Cody Zapherson  &  Cheryl  &
Jackie Goudey Johnson



Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thomas Frank Goudey  &  Lanny Talbout


Ministry of General Affairs

John Szymanski  &  Kevin Juhas  &  Kirk Edwin Jensen



Ministry of Health

Donna  &  Carolyn


Ministry of the Interior and Reign Relations

James  &  Sarah

Ministry of Peace and Reconciliation

Trent Sailor  &  Marshal R


Ministry of Records

Michaelene Jo Formanack


Ministry of Shipping and Transportation

Derek  William Davidson  &  Gregg Johnson



The Shepherd’s Party

Naomi Ruth Spears



Official assembly Records