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      1. That is not our disclaimer. That is Go Daddy. Go Daddy stole our sites, our intellectual property, and documents. We are slowly rebuilding the site as time allows.

    1. I am honored to have found this now I just wish I knew where to go from here. But thank you for your time and effort.

  1. i am a member and seek advice on a picture i.d. and how to get one a.s.a.p. many in florida are researching your site and would like to become a member. thank you for any and all assistance.

    1. Please go to the North American National Party https://northamericannationalparty.com/ for information on getting IDs and other services.

  2. Hello, My Name Is Rachelle D. Allen. I simply have a question. Why do you guys have (Several) important Links such as This One:


    There are also (Other Links), such as (Registration Links) that simply (Re-Directs) the page to either (Dead Links or Security Risk Links) that my Browser won’t allow me to inter.

    Do you guys need an (24/7) monitor to check and verify that these (Links) are being directed to the right place or something like that, as I would hope that this is an (Important Issue) to you guys….Thanks Rachelle

    1. We have had our site attacked several times and not all links are working. Go Daddy is responsible for stealing our sites and documents. We are replacing them as we can.

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