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The North American National Party
Here is a foundation upon which to build: The North American National Party Platform:
1: The North American National Party and its constituency is with the ability, knowledge and know how to run a State without forced taxes and without debt.
2: There are no criminal prosecutions against men and women without an injured party.
3: The North American National Party is not owned and controlled by any Attorney’s, Bankers, lobbying groups, nor Foreign Governments; it is completely controlled and owned by the constituency on American soil and no other.
4: If a campaign promise is not fulfilled or ignored for a period of time, the office holder either comes clean as to why the promise cannot be fulfilled, or leave office regardless of whether or not he or she is in the middle of his or her term. The constituency decides the fate of the office holder and no other committee, board, or any other body politic.
5: In American common law, any private guild or association must pay to use the county court house for their private trust business, and not at the expense of the constituency that support the building.
6: Home schooling is encouraged, just short of required. Home schooling is a vital part of any society and saves the expense of supporting a school board, teachers union, and a massive school bus system that wastes natural resources. Home schooling and those who participate in home schooling will never be harassed nor massively regulated in the North American National Party. If the home schooling participant would like guidance, then it is encouraged that the guidance is provided.
7: Human Rights Defenders cannot arrest without a valid warrant, supported by the testimony of two witnesses of an injury inflicted, unless in the cases of murder, rape, and the where no witnesses can be found. In those cases, sufficient evidence must be found for a warrant to be issued.
8: The Ten Commandments are a vital reminder of conduct and is not a religious symbol. All State laws originated from the Ten Commandments such as “thou shall not murder” and then codified by the States. The U.S. Supreme Court has the Ten Commandments on their walls. Since the Ten Commandments are for everyone, even for those of different religions and faiths, regardless of Christianity, then the Ten Commandments have standing within the North American National Party and shall never be ignored by the constituency.
9: The North American National Party operates without debt, so when the proper number of signatures are obtained, and then placed with the Township elections board, no automatic lien shall be honored nor entertained by any constituent of any other party against the constituents of the North American National Party. The North American National Party will not honor any foreign or domestic debt of any other political party.

10: No North American National Party committee shall ever hinder nor impede any constituent from amending, offering, or suggesting any change within the North American National Party Platform. The main purpose for any committee within the North American National Party is to enforce what has already been decided by it’s constituencies. If the constituency has found that what has been decided violates any freedom, right, privilege, or immunity of any other constituent, the platform is automatically subject to amendment by unanimous vote of the constituency to correct said, violation.

11: There shall be no electoral college in existence within the North American National Party. All candidates will be elected by popular vote.




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