If you are being directed to this website from Warcrimestribunal.army, You are being scammed….WarcrimesTribunal.army is a fraudulent site being operated by a group of Liars and Thieves……

Please visit https://therevolutionarytimesnews.com/treason-against-the-signatories-investigation/ for more information of the acts committed. Also reference below pictures of the imposters.

Jay Von Spreck

Howard Frederick Walker III

Paula and Dan Sullivan


Below is information on the real War Crimes Tribunal



War Crimes Tribunal

Website: https://warcrimestribunal.international/

Acceptance and Acknowledgements

International Notaries of the War Crimes Tribunal

  • Kevin Lloyd Lakes
  • Trent Windsley Sailor
  • Peter Adrian Nikkel


The War Crimes Tribunal, (hereinafter, the “tribunal” ) is formed for the benefit of the victims of the human rights violators in America recorded by publication by the Human Rights Tribunal.

The tribunal is a National Tribunal with jurisdiction within the metes and bounds of The United States of America.

Constitution of the War Crimes Tribunal for The United States of America

International Public Notices

Declaration of Value:

In the matter of Claimant:

Judgment and Orders:

In the matter of Claimant:


Federal Common Law Liens: